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About IABO

The International Association of Building Officials (IABO) was established to provide a forum for building officials to promote the profession and set up systems to provide critical public safety training to its members.

According to the IABO bylaws, the purpose of this organization is to:

  • Serve as the representative of choice of (and for) career and contract leaders of building code administration and enforcement organizations throughout the international community;
  • Support and enhance the work of those leaders and organizations in order that they may best safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare through administration and enforcement of building safety regulations which provide safety to life and property from both natural and manmade hazards attributed to the built environment;
  • Support and enhance those leaders and organizations in order to be a valuable resource immediately following catastrophic events to a community by participating in recovery and mitigation responsibilities.

To carry out this purpose, the Association shall provide its career and contract leaders of building code administration and enforcement organizations the following: 

  1. Information and education for use within building safety regulatory service, mitigation and related response and for use in educating the public;
  2. Representation, both within the Association and with other governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  3. The premier clearinghouse and point of exchange of experience, ideas and general knowledge in all areas encompassing building safety regulation, mitigation, recovery and administration;
  4. Support of, and primary point of international contact for, local, state, provincial and national organizations that share all or part of the goals of the Association; and
  5. Support in strengthening and enhancing all the diverse missions of building officials with a focus on core missions such as enforcement, mitigation, recovery and participation in code and standards development.