Wayne R. Jewell



(810) 623-9234

Building Official
October 1989 – present
Managed and coordinated a multi-disciplined team of inspectors and clerical staff to administer and
the enforcement of construction codes, standards, state regulatory provisions and various other local
regulatory ordinances for a metropolitan ring city for 31 years. Since November 2011, such activities
have been conducted on behalf of a township.

Building Inspector/Plans Examiner, Code Enforcement Manager, Assistant Building Official
April 1980 – October 1989
In April of 1980, began as a Building Inspector Trainee, and progressed from that position into that of
a Building Inspector; then Plans Examiner; Code Enforcement Manager and onto Assistant Building Official for a metropolitan ring community. I n each of my progressive advancements in duties,
conducting plan reviews and inspection activities are still required.

WRJ Associates, LLC
December 2003 – present
A brief description of services provided, but not limited to, are:

  • Consultation services to communities, registered design professionals, developers and
    attorneys on proper application and interpretation of construction codes or standards.
  • Provide a review and analysis of alternate methods of construction or alternate materials for
    construction within a project, based on criteria of the codes and/or standards.
  • Conduct on site inspection of construction activity to ensure compliance with approved design
  • Research and develop solutions within the parameters of the codes to regulatory problems or hurdles for a specific project or portion of a project.
  • Provide analysis of existing buildings to determine failures or lack of compliance with construction codes. Based on such an analysis; develop an outline of potential renovations or alterations with a design professional and owner that will eliminate the hazardous conditions while providing code compliance.
  • Provide instructional programs that relate to the how and why of construction codes. As an example these include; alternate materials and methods of construction – the how and why they can be evaluated; proper application of the performance intent of code provisions related to means of egress, fire safety, use and occupancy; how to apply the varying requirements of codes and standards to a project that may seem in conflict.